Personal and Real Estate Taxes


You can now view and pay Kimball County Taxes online.


Personal and Real Estate


1. Search property by statement, parcel, legal, name, or address.


2. Find value, history, tax history, and levy history.


3. Pay first half, second half, or both halves.


4. Pay with credit card.

    “Convenience Fee” 2.35% or a minimum fee of $1.00

    Echecks are not approved immediately.  Payment will not be processed until approval

    is received.  This may take several days.


5. Automatically calculates advertising.


6. Calculates interest on back taxes up to five years.


7. Indicates bankruptcies and tax sales in red.


8. Tax Collection info updated nightly.


9. Payments also available via 1-866-549-1010                  

       Bureau Code #2517776


8 Easy Steps to pay or view your taxes online.


1. Select the county on which your property resides.

2. Search for your property (Real Estate or Personal)

3. Select the property’s Parcel ID from a list.

4. Select the Statement you want to pay or view.

5. Select to pay first half or second half or both.

6. Review the total due less the convenience fee.

7. Enter your credit card information.

8. Credit card approval /declined page.



Pay Auto Registration Online

        Bureau Code # 2517776


Via Toll free number 1-866-549-1010            Bureau Code #2517776


Payments by credit card

“Convenience Fee” 2.35% or a minimum fee of $1.00


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