Motor Vehicle & Boat Registration


  • Renewal notices are sent at the beginning of the month of expiration. You have that month to renew.


  • You may renew your registration by mail. Please include a self addressed stamped envelope. Beginning January 1, 2011 we will begin issuing new plates, so there will be an additional fee for postage to mail the plates. Please call the office for the amount.


  • Proof of insurance for motor vehicles is required


  • What do you need to register a newly purchased vehicle?

Proof of insurance

Sales tax Form 6

Sales tax must be paid within 30 days of purchase to avoid paying a $5.00 penalty and interest

Title or MSO signed by the seller

VIN inspection if the vehicle was purchased out of state

Lien papers or security agreement if there is a loan

Bill of Sale


  • If you purchase a vehicle from a private party you must have:


A title signed by the seller

Proof of insurance

A VIN inspection if vehicle purchased out of state.

Sales Tax Form 6

Bill of sale.

Specialty plates


Message plates


Husker plates



For more info on specialty plates


More vehicle registration information


Boat Renewals and Titling


  • Nebraska requires titling for all boats newer than 1972.
  • Registrations periods are for 3 years
  • Newly purchased boats


Title from previous owner if newer than 1972

Sales Tax Form 6MB

Completed Boat Registration Application Form

Bill of sale if purchased from an out of state dealer


Boat Trailers are registered separately.Forms are available in our office.


Attention Taxpayers


You can now pay your Personal Property and Real Estate Taxes online at

Pay your Auto Registration online at

More information about paying taxes online click here.


Cost Estimates for Licensing a New Vehicle


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Any time of day you can get an estimate. It is the fast and easy way to get an estimate on that new vehicle.




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