When and How to purchase a Tax Sale Certificate


1.     Delinquent taxes are advertised in the Western Nebraska Observer the first three weeks in February

  1. Public sale opens the first Monday in March at 9:00 a.m. The payment of a $25.00

Registration fee is required in order to bid. The fee includes the delinquent tax list.

  1. Public sale closes when all parcels are offered for sale, after the Public Tax Sale is closed, the tax may be purchased at Private Tax Sale.
  2. County Tax Sales are written for delinquent tax in September.
  3. Redemption time is three years.
  4. Interest rate is 14%
  5. During the life of the certificate, subsequent taxes must be paid as they become delinquent on May 1st and September 1st.You must provide our office with the certificate number and we will figure them for you.
  6. The purchaser is responsible for the legal process when the certificate matures.
  7. Purchases via fax or telephone are not accepted.
  8. The purchaser must research his/her own information before purchase
  9. Personal checks are not accepted. Payment is to be made by cashiers check or cash.

12.  The purchase of a delinquent tax list for $5.00 from this office is required. The list will be updated the day of the sale.



As per NE Stature 77-1917, the holder of a tax sale certificate shall be required to provide the county treasurer with written notice that a foreclosure suit has been instituted and provide the county treasurer with an affidavit setting forth the costs incurred in the foreclosure action and indicating whether attorney’s fees were requested in the foreclosure complaint.


The holder of the tax sale certificate shall file with the county treasurer, notice of its dismissal of the claim in the foreclosure proceeding


If a homeowner files bankruptcy and you have purchased a certificate, you must file a claim with the bankruptcy court.  If your certificate matures during the bankruptcy, you will need to file a relief of stay to protect your foreclosure status.


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