Delinquent Tax Sale

Kimball County Treasurerís Office


Monday, March 4, 2019†††† Beginning At 9:00AM


1. Any interested purchaser must be represented in person. (One bidder cannot bid for more than one company)

2. Bidders must pre-register by completing the registration form and remitting a $25 registration fee prior to participation in the sale.

3. Each participant in the sale must sign in the day of the sale at the Treasurerís office exactly the way the name should be on the certificate.

4. The County Treasurer will conduct a random drawing of numbers to select the order of bid:This drawing will be held in the order of the sign in sheet.

5. The number drawn shall represent the order in which a purchaser may choose a property.Each round shall consist of one choice of a parcel per purchaser. (Investor may pass on their turn)

6. A purchaser must identify the parcel by the published numerical order number from the tax sale list and the parcel I.D. Number.

7. If additional purchasers appear at the sale after a round begins, they shall have the opportunity to participate at the end of the next round in their number order.

8. The sale ends when all participants in the sale have passed their turn.

9. All payments must be made by a cashierís check or cash received the day of the sale.

10. Tax Sale certificates are $20.00 each.Each re-assignment of a certificate is an additional $20.00




Delinquent Tax List

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