Early Voting Ballots


When can I request an early voting ballot?


Early voting ballots can be requested 120 days before any election. 


How do I request an early voting ballot?


You may come into the County Clerk’s office to vote. A request form will be published in the Western Nebraska Observer or you may write a letter requesting early voting ballots be mailed to you.  We must have your or your agent’s signature on a request form to send you ballots. Send request to the following address:


                        Kimball County Clerk

                        114 E 3rd St, Ste 6

                        Kimball, NE 69145


When is the last day I can have ballots sent to me?


The last day to send out early voting ballots is 4 p.m. on the Wednesday preceding the election.


When is the last day I can vote early?


You can vote in the County Clerk’s office until 5 p.m. on the Monday preceding the Election.


Can I fax in an early voting request?


Yes, a fax in request will be accepted.


Can I drop my ballots off at the polls election day?


No, all early voting ballots must be mailed or dropped off and received at the County Clerk’s office by 7 p.m. Election Night to be counted.


What is an agent?


An agent is someone whom you have sign the request form and pick up your ballots.


Is my vote secret when I vote early?




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