The Chairman of the Board may call agenda items out of order as the items and times are approximate and may vary; however, public hearings as noted will be called at the times noted by that agenda item.  The Board of Commissioners may discuss, consider and take all necessary action on the agenda items listed. 


 9:00 a.m.       I.          Call to Order

II.              Roll Call

III.            Acknowledge the location of the Open Meetings Act Poster

IV.            Inform those present that persons using recording devices must keep the device in their possession

V.              Authorize Board’s signatures on the Acknowledgment of Receipt of Notice of Meeting & Agenda

VI.            Approve the following items:      

o       Agenda

o       Minutes – October 2, 2018, regular minutes

o       Claims

VII.         Commissioner reports

VIII.       Receive and review reports

IX.            Receive and review correspondence


9:30 a.m.        Jim Calvin, County Buildings & Grounds Superintendent:

I.                Discuss and consider any action regarding a proposal from M.I. Services for exterior maintenance at the County Annex Building


9:45 a.m.        Dave Hottell, County Highway Superintendent:

I.                Update on the Highway Department


10:15 a.m.      Rick Wangler, County Weed Superintendent:

I.           Update on the Weed Department           


10:30 a.m.      Discussion/Action Items:

I.                Authorize the Chairman’s signature on the Countywide Certification of Cost Allocation Plan for Kimball County submitted by MAXIMUS Consulting Services, Inc., concerning the indirect cost rate computations for the Clerk of the District Court and the County Attorney for fiscal year July 1, 2018, through June 30, 2019

II.              Ratify the authorization of the cremation of an unclaimed body in Kimball County



                        Discussion/Action Items, continued:

III.            Approve and authorize the Chairman’s signature on the Business Subscription Agreement between Kimball County and NE Colorado Cellular, Inc., d/b/a Viaero Wireless, a Colorado corporation, for the County’s Viaero Cell Phone Plan

IV.            Review and discuss the Recommendation of the Public Policy Board regarding the appointment of a Public Defender and Guardian Ad Litem and backup Public Defender

V.              Discuss and consider the Kimball County Contract for Public Defender Services

VI.            Discuss and consider the Contract for Kimball County Guardian Ad Litem Legal Services and Attorney Back up to Contracted Public Defender

VII.         Discuss and consider items to be placed on future agendas for the County Commissioners


                              Public Comments

(The Board of Commissioners will not discuss or act upon unscheduled business.  This section is for citizen comment only.)







9:00 a.m. – Monday, November 5, 2018

Next Regular Commissioners Meeting












The Kimball County Board of Commissioners reserves the right to convene in Executive (Closed) Session pursuant to Section 84-1410 of the Revised Statutes of Nebraska.